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With two decades of experience as a publicly listed company, we can draw on both our strong financial backing and our pioneering expertise to maintain our role as a leading provider of customised business and industrial IT systems and software solutions.

Gloster is an international IT specialist with an investor's perspective on the Hungarian stock exchange.

The Gloster Group is committed to innovation, reliability and high customer satisfaction, which has earned it a reputation as a trusted supplier partner for many global brands. 




Gloster has made outstanding progress over the past 5 years thanks to organic and acquisition growth.
Today, it serves its medium and large corporate clients with more than 300 professionals and high quality standards.

The Gloster Group has 10 subsidiaries, whose operations have been organised by management in 2023 into three business units: Systems Integration, Cloud and International Software Development.


We are striving to become a dominant force in the international market for custom business and industrial software, with a focus on the DACH region, Silicon Valley and the UK.
As part of our growth strategy, we take responsibility for companies with high quality expertise, especially those that are facing a generational change in leadership or have reached the peak of their development. Through strategic acquisitions, we ensure that expertise and professional knowledge

accumulated experience to enrich our customers. Our commitment to transparency has enabled us to raise the funds needed for our planned acquisitions through IPOs, culminating in our listing in 2020. Our aim is to establish ourselves as a recognised IT services provider in the European market, strengthened by our vision, adaptability and experienced team, which will ensure unwavering stability even in dynamic and challenging market conditions.

We are headquartered in Hungary, but are closely integrated into our international operations to provide a seamless and efficient service to our clients worldwide - particularly in Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom.

While maintaining its traditional IT roots, Gloster aims to become a dominant player in the European market for custom business and industrial software, and to develop into an internationally recognised IT service provider, going its own way, with a strong stock market backing.

Gloster is a partner for companies looking for outstanding IT services. With its capital-strong backing, it provides opportunities for IT companies that are hitting a glass ceiling, and its conscious growth is paving the way for emerging domestic businesses.

Company history


Year of establishment


Euroway acquisition


TMSI acquisition


Acquisition of Cableline Technologies


BSE Xtend


MACROgate acquisition


KingSol acquisition


Minero acquisition

2022 acquisition


Lanoga acquisition


G-plus acquisition


P92 IT Solutions acquisition


BSE Standard

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