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Further expansion of our team

Gloster Cloud Zrt. and Systemfarmer Zrt. merge to create Hungary's largest domestically owned Microsoft cloud services partner.

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Everything you need to know about the new cyber protection directive

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We changed category on BSE

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Welcome to Gloster, where simplicity harmonises with innovation and expertise!
We have been committed to these values for over 20 years.

International software development

Our complex software development business provides solutions for the development and operation of new or existing systems. 

  • DevOps for integrated application development
  • AI Deployment using the latest AI technology
  • Cloud migration for a smooth digital transition

Systems integration

The business unit that brings together our network and IT infrastructure, cyber defence and smart buildings activities.

Cloud business

We offer customised cloud services for subscribers, with specialist cloud engineering expertise.

  • Infrastructure migration (IaaS), database migration (DBaaS), web services (PaaS), containerisation (AKS)
  • Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics systems
  • Power Apps development

At Gloster, we don't just develop software, we shape the future, drive growth and forge a lasting legacy."

- Viktor Szekeres

Gloster is a broad-spectrum IT services company listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange. In its more than 20-year history, it has grown from an initially hardware-oriented garage company to a software-focused international mid-sized company. Its founding owner and Chairman of the Board is Viktor Szekeres.

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The Gloster Group is committed to innovation, reliability and high customer satisfaction,

is a trusted supplier partner for many global brands. Gloster's goal is to partner with more companies that are looking for real added value to support their digital transformation, while keeping operational and data security at the forefront.

Gloster has a team of 340 professionals. Our colleagues are based in Budapest, Szeged, Kecskemét, Nagytarcsas and Pécs. We are also based in several international cities, including London and Munich.

We are headquartered in Hungary, but embedded in an international operation, we provide efficient operations worldwide - with a focus on the DACH region, Silicon Valley and the UK.

Gloster Group
+75 % (2022/2023)
billions HUF
adjusted IFRS revenue
+29% (2022/2023)
million HUF
adjusted EBITDA
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180-day turnover-weighted average price
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