International software development

Our complex software development business provides solutions for the development and operation of new or existing systems. 

  • DevOps for integrated application development
  • AI Deployment using the latest AI technology
  • Cloud migration for a smooth digital transition

Our international software development business offers premium software solutions, tailored to the specific needs of large enterprises with the help of nearly 200 development engineers.

Attila Murvai
Attila Murvai

International Software Development Business Unit Manager

Our aim is to build lasting partnerships, understand the client's unique requirements down to the smallest detail, and create fully customised solutions that fit seamlessly with strategic business objectives.

Software services
Custom software development
Web application development
Mobile app development
System integration and migration
Software design and quality assurance
Complementary competences

UI/UX design - Providing high quality UI/UX design services, from UX testing to designing aesthetic and easy-to-use user interfaces to improve user experiences.

Cloud solutions - Providing cloud application development and migration services, enabling businesses to take advantage of cloud computing.

Data Analytics - Providing complete data analytics solutions, transforming raw data into valuable insights and supporting data-driven decision making for business success.

Cyber defence - A state-of-the-art cyber defence approach in all custom developments to provide strong protection against potential attacks. 

Business sector competences

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